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The band plays »background music« (witout a PA system) on wedding receptions, openings, or other reception events (due to acoustic instruments the band fits perfectly in any environment where no loud distracting music is required). The band is primarily a quartet, but due to very flexible and multitalented musicians it can also perform as a trio (for smaller venues or budget constrains).


The name:

The Napoli-Tango band has nothing to do with Napoli (Naples – Italian region) or Tango (dance), but it's name is a rather funny derivative from a Slovenian word Napolitanke (a wafers-like cookies). The playful mood and multi-layerd character (as in a cookie) is also the band's motto and describes the band's playfulness in its best.

The music:

The band plays a variety of world music in the »cabaré / ethno / gipsy / folk /..« style. Have you ever heard a »Sweet child of mine, by Guns 'n' Roses« in a polka / folk / accordion arrangement? Well, the Napoli-Tango band can do it! The band plays all world music (pop / rock / blues / county / evergreen), and also traditional Slovenian folk music, and uniquely arranges songs in a cheerful and ear-pleasant way, so your guests and friends can enjoy the special event you're hosting.




Mamma mia(Abba)/Greek(Greece)/Money, Money, Money(Abba)/Keme merav(Šukar)

Lough Erin Shore(The Corrs)/Hello(Lionel Richie)/Hava Nagila

Like A Hurricane(Neil Young)/Light my fire (The Doors)




Technical stuff:

The Napoli-Tango Quartet​: (double bass, percussion, acoustic guitar, accordion);

Time of playing: 2h (max 3h),

The Napoli-Tango Trio: (double bass, percussion, accordion);

Time of playing: 1-2h (max 2h),

Need to know: The band plays "background music" as a reception band, without PA(amplification) and not as a main band for party! (it's simply not loud enough) :).

Repertoire: world pop/rock/blues/county/evergreen in »cabaré/ethno/gipsy/folk/..« style.

The band also performs traditional Slovenian folk music (waltz and polka) o request. 

Technical stuff: Band brings all necessary equipment for performance (very compact instruments). The band doesn't need any electricity and can easily set up anywhere (indoor or outdoor).

Band arriving to the venue: Up to 30min prior to the start of playing. Band doesn't need any setup time and can perform also a surprise »music entry« (band plays while entering the venue).

A drink (or food / snacks) for the band is much appreciated. Well-fed band is a happy band!

Contact: +386(0)31 233 262 Andrej |

Listen the music samples:

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